Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today world population has been doubled than what it is 40 years ago. Society has developed much compare to old days. Millions of events and activities are taking place each day. It has became very important now to reach each event and activities efforts to its goal. 

Study has suggested majority of events couldn't reach to their target whether an college event in Mumbai or Dj night in Delhi due to lack of knowledge outside world about it's happening.

If we are organizing event, we should work out all possible way of event promotion, like a good event organizer, good event venue, coverage in media, online event website for digital promotion, a nice portal to invite guest for event, decorators etc, its overall efforts of all to make one particular event successful.


online event listing

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What events are happening in our city ?...... well earlier way was to walk physically in event happening places or read some event details in newspaper but lots of events remain unnoticed to mass public. 

Things have changed completely in these years. Thanks to technology and internet connectivity. Today we have online event publishing website to search which events are happening in our city.  These website are also useful for event organizer to list their event on website and let the mass audience to know about it. team has developed such unique and advance platform keeping in mind both the party i.e. host and participator. It’s now more advance to publish, search and join event. 

If you are host then why don't you try this and if participator then why don't search event!

DJ event in India

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day by day, lots of events are organizing for different purpose e.g. events to raise fund, social event for social cause, music event for entertainment, devotional event, play or show event, DJ or night life event.

Dj or show or night life events are becoming more popular and one of the best way of fun. Dj shows or Nightlife shows are more popular in Metro city like Dj events in Mumbai , Nightlife show in Dehli or Pune etc. but B1 town are also having big djs party like events in japur, Ahmadabad etc.

If there is opportunity then there are challenges also. One of the most challenge of Djs or Gig shows is crowd or audience don't know what their city is offering or where such events are happening. provide a perfect place to overcome from the problem by publishing your Djs or Gigs shows/events and convert them in huge success. provide great features to audience search Dj or Gig in their city like they can search Nightlife in Mumbai, Gig in Pune or  Dehli, Dj show in Pune or Bangalore etc.

New media summit at

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 is proud to associate with New Media Summit 2013 Mumbai in online publishing and promotion of event.

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Online invitation for birthday , marriage, reunion at

Monday, April 8, 2013

Its really a tedious task to arrange an event e.g. if you are having reunion party , either you or event management company will arrange an event, but this is not end of the job.

Moment you have occasion or  think about arranging reunion event, you need to invite people either phone or through email. an online invitation website provides you complete automation of this by making it more fun, memorable and thus saving time n money also.

Log on to website, select your category with stylish template put event details, import contact email ids from gmail, yahoo or Facebook or use earlier used group contacts and your Stylish invitation is ready to invite your friends, guest in new way.

Your friends can comment, can RSVP, update photos and videos..much to explore and to have fun.

Make your Birthday,  reunion,  marriage  more and more personal and memorable by choosing online birthday invitation , online marriage invitation, online reunion invitation at

India Fiesta latina approaching

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