Pune is becoming more happening city of seminar , events, DJ nightlife, college fest

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer is here what's your plan? haven't decided yet? don't worry ...there are lots of activities and events you can do or join.  If you are parents and looking summer activities for kids, you can enroll for kids summer camp or summer classes.

Young are looking for adventure, there are lots of summer adventures trips across the Pune, you can contact to trip advisor to plan your adventure trips. Nightlife of Pune is also great to enjoy specially Comody play, DJ nightlife, Stage play and show, these events you can easily find in Pune city.

Educational institute also organizing many seminar, college festival, workshop and exhibition in our Pune city  per choice of participator.

Don't waste your summer, come out from home and do something great in this summer.
You can also logged on our website and find what events and activities are happening in this summer in Pune

Njoy Summer