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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hook2events is the perfect means for creating events, sending invites and sharing photos and video among your buddies. With the enticing designs, you can attract huge no. of guests and make your invitation into a huge success.

Hook2events also give you the opportunity to express and share your memorable events as we understand the value of your happiness involved. We provide our users with an attractive and unique feature to share and express their events, stories, images and comments. We named this feature as Event Board.

On Event Board, you can share your events, special dates, significant memories, photos, stories and comments in an easy and trendy way. You can share anything personal or professional. Our Event Board is a unique feature with which you can experience the new era of online communication. You will be updated with the happenings around and your friends will know about yours. Our Event Board will tell you what more it can do for our users.

Event Board - “what can you pin to me”?

What’s new- I help you to post anything new happening in your life. You can post any personal events ; got new job, finally bought a new phone, started new business, professional events; recruited one more employee, boss transferred, public events;  college awarded for the best infrastructure, etc. I take everything which you want to share.

Add images - you can add any picture in your post or can use your profile picture too. This makes your post or event more attractive. I help you to make your memorable day more personalized by adding images related to that post, so that people can get an exact idea of what you are doing.

Add Stories - I would love to take detailed description of the post you added. You can add stories on what’s new and also attach an image related to it. Example: Rahul bought an iPhone, so he posted, “I bought a new phone” and can quote a story on how and from where he purchased an iPhone and can also include its features, reviews etc. Moreover, Rahul can share the images of his new phone.

Trendy comments - you can also comment on the posts I carry or can express using symbol images available making your comments a trendy affair.

Share and enjoy - finally you can share your posts with the concerned people. Share option helps you in customized sharing with the ease to select a specific group of friends or colleagues. Whether it’s an office inauguration or gossip meet, you can customize your settings and can decide among the people who can see your events or posts.

Whether it’s a professional event like an office inauguration, seminar or colleagues meet or a personal event like birthday party, reunion or simply a fun meet, you can choose among our themes and vibrant graphics and can create invites for almost anything. Hook2events is a user friendly and effortless way to create and send invitations FREE of cost.  You just need to sign up, choose from our exciting themes, fill details of a venue and date and *blink* your invitation is ready to send!

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