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Sunday, June 24, 2012

When arranging a big party, its tedious task to sit beside the phone with a contact list to invite guests or to visit each guest’s place to give invites. People who know about Hook2events certainly don’t go that way to invite their guests. Hook2events simplifies everything by sending your invitations digitally and displays your invitation information online. You can choose from different themes to customize your invitations. From creating events to send invites, everything is FREE on Hook2Events.
Contact management feature on Hook2events helps you to import your contacts to your account from Gmail or Yahoo mail. This feature helps you to keep your buddies or guests at one place, so that you can send invite easily to them in the future.

You want to organize an office party or a birthday, but you don’t want specific people to attend. No worries, you can make different groups to link with your contacts as per your requirements. You can send, share or create events to the specific people, so that others remain clueless about your entertainment party or office bash!
There are various moments in our lives which we want to share with others. Hook2events also provide you with an event board on which you can share your important dates among your buddies or colleagues. This Event board also gives you facility to share images, stories or comments in unique and attractive way. You can share your events or send invitations to particular set of contacts which can include exclusively your buddies or exclusively your colleagues. This management feature helps you to draw a neat line between your personal and professional life. You can create any number of personal events like birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement, reunion etc and professional events like office party, conferences, seminar, company’s anniversary and much more. Invitations can be customized with our themes suitable for your event. We offer you different themes for different events. These themes are created keeping in mind your happiness and celebrations with vibrant colors and beautiful backgrounds. From birthday to office inaugurations, we have themes for every event you want to celebrate. With our privacy settings, you can also customize the invites choosing options like ‘only couples invited’, ‘only girls’ or all. You can also choose that who can see your invitation. You can select invitees or all to see your invitations, events or posts.
Guests play an important role in any celebration, without guests every arrangement is in the vein making the party a useless effort. By importing contacts from your e-mail accounts, you can invite all your guests without missing any important person. Even if any of your guests is unable to attend your function or party, you can post or share post party pictures and videos and share with your guests. Hook2events also offer your guests to comment on your pictures or videos. You can set your preferences by changing privacy settings on who can view your photos, videos or comments.Hook2events acts as your contact manager saving your money, time and efforts and helps you in organizing an event in effortless way.

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