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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrations are an excuse to meet people to have fun, frolic and recreation. In any time of year, there is one thing or other to celebrate and if there is not, hook ups and gossip meets never ends. We as online invitation makers can be considered as an essential tool to manage any special event.

Organizing an event is not an easy task with managing contacts, sending invites, keeping a track on attending guests, party ideas, arrangements and the list goes on but the end results are no doubt stupendous. Hook2events makes your task an easy effort. From sending invitations to managing your contact list and sharing post fun photos and videos, we do everything! We play different roles for making your celebration an efficacious try.

We as Invitation makers!

Hook2events allow you to make customize invitations and send them to your guest list or share on social media like facebook.  We provide you with themes to customize your invitations. Our themes suit all your events with vibrant colors and background. You can send invitations for any event you wish to. Some of our pre-defined events include:

Birthday: Remembering your near ones birthday is an effort but creating invitations for party is not with Hook2events. We allow you to choose beautiful themes and customize your invites and send them to your buddies.

Wedding bash:  Wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life. With hook2events you can create wedding invitations and send them to your guests. This also reduces your printing expense and set you free from going places to send invites. We lessen your burden so that you can concentrate on other arrangements for an exclusive party.

Dinner party: There are tons of ways to meet people and have fun. Best one is dinner party so that you can eat, drink, enjoy and share your interests (flaunt your cooking skills as well). We send invites for your dinner party with best theme suitable to your event and send among your invitees. With our customize settings your invites will only be visible to only your invited guests if you don’t want others to know what’s cooking in your house!

Reunions: Whether its family reunion or friends, reunions are always exciting. With gossiping to meeting old friends, reunions are complete package for entertainment and recreation. You can send invitations of reunions and customize according to your meet ups.
Finally the events list is never ending and all depends on your creativity. We are ready to assist you as invitation makers!

We as organizers!

We provide you with an attractive chart cum schedule board so that you can pin your event dates in an attractive way. Also hook2events gives you the facility to import your contacts from yahoo mail and Gmail so that so can keep your guest list at one place and in an organized way.

We as money savers!

We provide you with all these facilities FREE of cost so that you can spend your hard-earned money on other arrangements of party. We save your expenses on cards, printing, card designers, post and many other things which include sending offline invitations.

We as your friends!

After it’s all done, you can set your privacy setting and choose people who can view your invitations, pictures, comments and personal events. We also allow your guests to comment your event’s photos or videos and relish the frolic times again. Thus with Hook2events you can make best of any event or party!

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